Discover the transformative experiences of our past members! Their stories of growth, success, and newfound confidence are the best testament to the power of the maxAllure Mastermind™ program. Read on to see what they have to say about their journeys with us.

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Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, MD

“Anything that we envisioned could be realized because of the uniqueness of the group, where everybody just supported you, and somebody’s blind spot was everybody else’s zone of genius.”

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Arun Rao, MD

“We're the most educated people in the country. And we're being made to feel like we're worthless in our current positions. And so how do you go from being told that for 15 to 20 years, in my case, and then believing something completely different? That's not an easy thing. But that's what this did, right? This, this is what it took.”

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Richard Harris, MD

“Everything that you put together was really like a crash course in things that took me years to learn on my own. And would’ve save me a lot of money and time if I’d known this stuff beforehand. So, I think that was great!”

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Brenda Guzmán-Villar, MD

"I got to learn something from each one of the experts that you brought in and even open my mind to different ideas that are things that you never know that even exist, and that are things that you can do in the future."

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Miranda Phillips, MD

“Bringing in experts was a very unique touch that I thought really made this mastermind stand out that I had not seen in previous masterminds that I have been a part of.”

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Mayra Muñoz, MD

“Having those short-term goals... learning from others that we are not alone in this journey; that we can do it, but we have to be organized. It's very important to have that support!”

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David Yeh, PhD

“There’s a great tendency for masterminds just to fall apart because there’s no structure and no direction. And so the fact that you’ve had this type of structure is already amazing… I like the fact that partners were allowed to join in because this is a good time together.”

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Xiaohong Zhang, PhD

“To see the energy, just like the the the passion. I just feel like everyone thinks that they can do everything… It’s amazing to see all the things that people achieved in these six months!”

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Jaime Navarrete, MD

“I think it’s amazing to see people in different parts of their journey… Some of them are in the baby part of starting a company, other ones are just planning or contemplating other people way ahead and that for me is fascinating.”

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Luda Navarrete

“I am super grateful to be included in this group. It was just nice to listen to everybody’s ideas, and get to know people and their journeys. And it kind of gives me hope for the future too. And for the real estate thing that we’re doing, it just makes it feel more possible.”

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